Los Miseria Cumbia Band

It is a project of commercial dance music beginning in April 2006 as a new alternative in local groups in Guatemala, with a very wide repertoire including different rhythms and styles such as: Salsa, Cumbia, Rock, Ballads, Reggaeton, Merengue , Bolero, Trova, etc.

Pablo Cristiani: Professional singer, lead singer and founder of “La Gran Calabaza”, guest singer of Rocks Group, as well as a studio musician and session in both vocal performance and minor percussion (Guiro, Tambourine).

Los Miseria Cumbia Band from Guatemala.
Los Miseria Cumbia Band from Guatemala.

Pablo León: Pianist and Arranger, from Costa Rica, has worked with many musicians both in Costa Rica and Guatemala: Collective Unconscious, The Park, Ivory, Jazz Garbo, Pelacats, Walter Flores (Director Ruben Blades), , Mary Pretiz , Luis Bonilla (trombone Marc Anthony and Alejandro Sanz), Alvaro Aguilar, Ricardo Andrade, Noris Barrios, Fernando Perez, Rocks, among others. Pol Alexander Lopez: percussionist and founder of “La Gran Calabaza” and “Los Miseria Cumbia Band”. Fernando Reynoso: National Champion Hip Hop and FreeStyle is the latest and newest addition to prominent rap group La Bacteria Sound System.

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