Los Mamboteros

The love of music is what unites and unique chemistry as performers is what separates LOS MAMBOTEROS of others.

Their dynamic voices, rhythm and energy. The Mamboteros are Bryan Rivera, Edwin Sanchez, Jorge Castillo, Paula Alonso, Renata Arcanjo.La The evolution of Mamboteros begins with Bryan:

Born in Guatemala City, BRYAN RIVERA began composing songs at 11 years old. 14 knew the music and the stage was his. formed a group of “merengue house” called CONTACT which became a big hit in Guatemala with 8 songs in the top places in the country.

los mamboterosAfter changing its name to CTO in 2002 the group traveled to the United States, appearing on television, radio and on stage during a successful summer tour. sing their hit “Hands Up” in the “HOT” Univision, and “the Wayne Brady Show” on NBC will open concerts with artists such as Luis Fonsi, Sin Bandera, Don Omar and more. after recording three CDs and perform hundreds of concerts with CTO (Contact) the explosion of popularity of Reggaeton music scene that makes Bryan decides to move to a new chapter in his music career came. Influenced by the introduction of tropical sounds of Daddy Yankee and Don Omar in his music, Bryan decided to do a complete fusion of salsa, merengue and reggaeton.

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