Gangster Guatemala

Gangster is a Guatemalan band that fuses different genres such as cumbia, vallenato, funk, soka, hip-hop, rancher, raggae and others. The band was formed in an effort to make a variety of music for all tastes and in 2007 were winners of the contest organized by Pepsi making a Turn in which they were released nationwide.

Gangster means “family”, “brotherhood”, a union of several brothers with values ​​such as loyalty, friendship and honor, its members are:

Sierra Rene Douglas (voice)

Gangster Guatemala
Gangster Guatemala

José Pablo Giron (vocals / keyboards)
David Alejandro Martinez (vocals / drums)
Moscoso Eliseo Calderon (low)
Gustavo Velasquez (vocals / guitar)
Sergio Rosales (percussion)

The influences and experience of the members in genres such as cumbia, salsa, rock, heavy metal and others made this merger possible. On October 6, 2007 Gangster shared the stage with the famous band “The Black Eyed Peas.” The band has received accolades for his participation in various events nationwide.

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