Big Jon

big jon el magnificoAt the beginning of the Year 2006 Joni Lima a.k.a. Big Jon invited another national artist who is known as Chokolate artist with which I manage to capture a subject with clear mergers Reggaeton and Gangsta Rap with which I identify with growing up in the city of Los Angeles California at the time to be working on this issue for the disk Tier Sobreasando know another of the artists invited to participate in the same disk known in the underground world of HIP HOP the Guatemalan Carlos Lorenzana is AKA Inside artist with whom we work in conjunction with another topic Surpassing disc level at the end of disc recordings other artists who also work on the disc motivate us to form a DUO which after discussing our views on the sounds wanted to translate decided to join as DUO and start working on our album which was entitled from Beginning to End … been almost a year working on it and hope to release it in December 2007 we have had various drawbacks to finish it before but we think it is the will of God that we have taken this time to finish what we do know is that each of the topics that will be presented in feature our satisfaction that we get the sound and the message in our lyrics that we set as a goal since the beginning of this project we thank each of the people who have supported us to achieve our dream just as I let them know a little of my background.