Cash y Kartagena

Cash y Kartagena
Cash y Kartagena
Cash and Kartagena is another reggaeton duo of Guatemala, among the most notorious duo topics include “VIP Girl”, “Pressure” and “Dance me” entreo others, have already been released by their musical quality, expect more of the because duo are currently working on their new production

Dual C

Dual C
Dual C

Selvin Castillo Merida, known as DUAL C,  originally from Guatemala, born on March 4 Dual 83 C (Selvin) that music has always been part of his life, he was born with it and has always sought as a source of inspiration, which has led her to find her own experiences in all aspects. At 16 a young age; takes his first steps in the field of musical composition with original themes of the genre Reggaeton 110 Despite the obstacles his ideas were firm and two years later met a Garifuna singer, who created a duet and who produced some unreleased tracks , for a year they worked together, however separated by unexpected situations and yet achieved its goal of becoming known.

DC Urban

DC Urban is another recent duets  arising in Guatemala causing impression on the genre, his work is quality and your very own pace and style, DC Urban is in addition to all our national talents have worked with other artists of the medium such as Fresh and Alex, Hibaro, Cash and Kartagena, Titan (Latin Noise Productions), among his topics are “Pintacarita ft. Fresh and Alex and Hibaro”, “You Are Everything”, “Ohh Yal ft. Hibaro” between other.

Smurf y Raityn

smurf y raytin guatemalaBorn Ronald Ramirez and Blight Mynor respectively, the duo Smurf and Raityn is a movement which has pleased every one of their fans playing the leader of Latin urban genre (reggaeton). This is the genre that is distinguished by its peculiar Panamanian dancehall reggae and Jamaican fusion.

La Saga

The grouping’s Saga, started in 2006, but in fact each of the members already have his artistic career from 15 years ago.

La Saga Guatemala
La Saga Guatemala
Career that began in Guatemala City members: Tito, beginning in the grouping Contact (CTO) with Harold in the year 1990 and became the number one group in the merengue genre Guatemala House. Denise is the only woman in the grouping began his career in 1997 with Two + 2 grouping taking home awards and top rankings within the country’s most talked radios. Ivan and Denise began in the year 1997 in the Artillery grouping with that sticking out his musical style and which came to participate in several concerts of greater magnitude within the country.

Proyecto Suburbio

Appearing on stage in Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador and Belize.

They have been invited to open concerts worldwide as Don Omar, Hector and Tito, Ivy Queen, Angel y Khriz and Magnate y Valentino, Daddy Yankee, Wisin y Yandel, Aventura. Having placed their subjects in number 1 on the radios, topics such as “Maulla”, “Mala Mujer”, “Speed​​”.

Proyecto Suburbio
Proyecto Suburbio

Until today there have been in throughout the country, Guatemala, also in El Salvador, and in recent months in various locations in southern Mexico and Belize. SUBURB PROJECT forms makes 2,003 in June. VIP (David Montenegro rip), Anthony Taylor (Negrito Naughty rip) and Danny Dan, beginning with the idea of ​​forming a project reggaeton invites Danny VIP Anthony and introduced in El Salvador as the opening act of the Jamaican Shaggy after this little tour decided to record his first song as Suburban Project, entitled Let pa disco. After the death of VIP and Anthony Taylor (El Negrito Travieso) the group is comprised of Robert Taylor “The Diamond” Dany Dan “The Rifle”, and The Lion, among the new songs include “Girlfriend ft. Maf “,” She Calls “,” Ando Buscando ft. Postal, “recently appeared in the city of Acapulco in a successful concert in one of the most prestigious clubs in the area. They are working on their album “One Class”

Bohemia Suburbana

The Beginnings

Bohemia Suburbana formed in Guatemala City in March 1992 The band was founded by Guatemalans Juancarlos Barrios as a guitarist, vocalist Giovanni Pinzon, the Colombian Juan Luis Lopera (Piolly) on bass and José Pedro Mollinedo on drums (Pepe).

A concert effort under his own auspices Suburban Bohemia in 1993 published his first musical production titled Shadows in the Garden. It was released under the label of First Generation Records.

In this album are early versions of the songs “In the Garden”, “Peces e Iguanas”, “I saw you” and five subjects; the original released on cassette contains only eight songs.

In 1994 Bohemia integrates the Peruvian Alvaro Rodriguez on keyboards and guitar. That same year First Generation Records in view the growing demand, decided to publish a version of Shadows in the Garden on compact disc. In this new edition, two new tracks “God is alien” and “Del-end” were included.

Bohemia live appearances planned in a totally logical and empirical due to the absence of a scene and event production companies to take charge to ensure this work.

However acceptance and convening power of the band grew exponentially, with a surprise for the ears conservatives of the time and a challenge for new sponsors interested in promoting their brands and concepts.

2 Beyond the borders

Bohemia Suburbana
Bohemia Suburbana

In 1995 suburban bohemians traveled to the American city of Miami, Florida, to record and produce his next record plate. They sponsored under the record label recorded RadioVox issues that shaped his second album A thousand words with his teeth.

With this production had the opportunity to expose and debuting beyond the Central American borders. The song “Peces e iguanas” managed to position itself as a favorite in many radio and came to sound in places you never thought the band. So Bohemia was immersed in an intense task of tours and presentations in Guatemala, Central America, Puerto Rico and other cities within the United States. For personal reasons in 1996 Alex Lobos relieves drumsticks other guests batteries from the side.

You could say that the viewer’s eye in 1997 Suburban Bohemia was at an apex of his career. His records sold well appeared, demand for the band on stage was getting bigger. However Bohemia succumbed to product crisis and the lack of guidance received little support from record labels; Bohemia stage and let their members go their separate ways.

The distancing of the band lasted for two years, and in 1999 the Bohemians decided to meet for a reunion concert. At the same time, under the title of Remixes and the emergence of the circumstances RadioVox decided to publish an album where electronic versions of familiar songs of Bohemia were included. These versions were remixed by Juancarlos Barrios during the recess of the band.

The reunion concert was held in the old Plaza de Toros in the city of Guatemala and to the surprise of the group organizers and the event broke attendance records far exceeding all expectations. This led back to the Bohemians to go ahead and projected to produce a new album.

With proceeds from the concert decided to withdraw one season to Madrid, Spain, in order to live together again as a band and into the musical styles that flowed through those places. In this process Juancarlos decided to leave the group and regroup in Guatemala Bohemians agreed to go ahead with the project.

3 Close the millennium

Thus was born the disc that was released in 2001 with the title of Sub, produced by themselves and under the auspices of the Pyramid label sound / Premier Productions.

On stage Alvaro Rodriguez continues on guitar and the band joins the Guatemalan Rudy running Bethancourt keyboards and guitars. Also Colombian Alejandro Duque (ex-Aterciopelados) joins the lineup on drums.
The nineties were years of renewal in the Latin rock and therefore new interests for producers and music promoters occurred. Reassembled and renewed Bohemia started a new start capturing the attention of a few of his old fans and attracting the attention of new fans. They made presentations continuous and repeated incursions into Guatemala and Central American stages. This time with the backing of his label, Bohemians produced the video clip filmed for the song Scream.

In March 2002 the band celebrates ten years of existence and to celebrate the quintet performed a series of concerts. These presentations were recorded and several of the subjects were grouped into an album released in 2003 under the title Here ten … Live on Strip Seals Records DLN distribution. A new version of this record discuss agenda items “In the Garden” and “Tea Bags” song which also made ​​a video clip, filmed and produced in the city of New York are included.

Unfortunately piracy was that captured the sales of the discs leaving the skinny and helpless to keep the project company and raise it to a higher level. Bohemia continued playing steadily in Guatemala, but in early 2004 were faced with a similar to the 97 crisis; the band decided to break so that each of its members had time to stabilize your personal life.

4. namesake Sound

During this period Lopera and Bethancourt decided to move to Miami, FL. Meanwhile Rodriguez travels to California, to Colombia and Finch Duke remains in Guatemala.

In May 2007, supported by a Guatemalan production and support of old friends of the band bohemians gather in the city of Miami. After months of living together as a band develop new themes, then get ready to burn and to explore possibilities of launching a new album on the market.
In early 2008 Bohemia performs a series of concerts and blanks on the island of Puerto Rico. After that the band decided to keep and focus on the musical production of her fourth album which simply titled Suburban Bohemia. The same was released in digital and mobile formats in the United States and Latin America in January 2010 under an initiative of distribution and promotion by Warner Chappell and Warner Music Latin America; This album won the Latin Grammy Award nomination in the category of Best Rock Album in 2010.

This new production represents a shift in the style that the band had been following in recent years. Looking for a fresher sound Suburban Bohemia returns with new air promoting songs like “Serenity”, “I Say” and “Rollover” returning in this way scenarios United States, Puerto Rico and Central America.

5. BS20 The start of a new cycle

In September 2012 bohemia closes an important cycle of 20 years of foundation for what it calls all members circulated by the band in an album or tour. The celebration occurs in 3 consecutive dates show featuring a compilation of his repertoire in the most important cities of his native country.

The group meets at Lake Atitlan to rehearse and put on a show unprecedented gathering the most representative throughout the entire musical history of the band; the total inflow to the celebration of BS20 sum around 25,000 people. Alongside bassist Juan Luis Lopera founder of notifying his retirement from the band accompanied a tacit abandonment by Rudy Bethancourt.

The band has the following members, which represent the 80% of the original lineup:

Giovanni Pinzón (voice), Alvaro Rodriguez (guitar and keyboards), Juan Carlos Barrios (guitar), Joshua Garcia (bass) and Jose Pedro Mollinedo (drums).

Are also creating new musical ideas and sounds that will later be used in a new album.

Suburban Bohemia is considered by many as an icon of the Guatemalan national music. The unmistakable postmodern and surreal sound of his compositions have made this band a suburban legend in the history of Guatemala and Central America.
Suburban Bohemia has shared the stage with:

▪ Jaguares
▪ Rata Blanca
▪ Café Tacuba
▪ Desorden Público
▪ King Changó
▪ Divididos
▪ Fobia
▪ El Tri
▪ Juanes
▪ Los Auténicos Decadentes
▪ Aterciopelados
▪ Joaquín Sabina
▪ Héroes del Silencio
▪ Maná
▪ Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Fabiola Roudha

Since childhood she showed  interest in singing, dancing and music.

Fabiola Roudha with Gangster

Between 2003 and 2006
She was invited to open concerts in the country, renowned artists from different musical career  Pandora, Eros Ramazotti, Alberto Cortés, Vicente Fernández Belinda, among others.

Mexico: placed third in the International Code of Televisa Mexico Fame competition.

Argentina: She was invited by Marcello Tinelli in Argentina, to participate in Show-Match for a period of three months, during which time the admiration, support and sympathy of Argentina viewers won, which made her become the first beloved Guatemalan singer there.

She was invited to participate again in a talent show Show-Match program, winning the First Place. This time the Rating gave much to talk about, to raise more than 32 points in each unit.

Join the Academy Reality Show, winning second place.

Win Grand Challenge Tv Azteca stars and recorded his first album called “My Big Challenge”. Under the seal of Azteca Music.
Win the Top 40 Artist Award as Best Guatemalan in Spain.

It is guest of Honor by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)
Hunnan and TV, to sing in China, becoming the first Hispanic singer to be presented in this event.

Fabiola Roudha
Fabiola Roudha

It definitely disclaims Tv Azteca to start his career independently and thus discloses its real motion of Image and Sound.

at present:

It is doing the recording of their first album fully
Unpublished which includes several issues of his own and some internationally recognized composers.

In his new album Fabiola presents a new and unique style of music called for it self ELECTROKEI, and presents a new stage name “FABIOLA ROUDHA”.

In the production and recording of the new album are participating Fabiola: Gerardo Rhodes; General Arranger and Producer, Lee Levin; Drums, Dan Warner; Guitarist Julio Hernández; Bassist, Aron Fishbein; Guitarist and Kameron Houff; Battery. Record Time; Recording Studio

So far he has released four singles in both Spanish and English.

TRAPPED, was the first single promoted in Mexico, a subject on which features rapper of Jamaican origin Layzee, formerly known as Mr. President.

Currently promoting his latest single entitled LOVE WITH YOU, which launched on January 11, 2013 in CALA on CNN in Spanish, and which has since promoted in El Salvador, Costa Rica and has re taken to this year’s tour media beginning in Chihuahua Mexico.